Twenty years of Internationalization experience that started in the Cabinet of the Vice President of the European Commission and that progressed through an International Development Consulting Firm in Brussels.

Been in the Middle East since 2008, starting with Promos, the internationalization agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, and working closely with Italian and European companies in their deployment in the Middle East Markets, as well as in seeking international investments towards Italy and Europe.

In this role, I have worked closely with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Embassy, the Trade Development Office, and with a wide variety of local institutions, industries, distributors, contractors, developers, and service providers.

Fourteen years of carefully cultivated contacts, an array of facilitators at our disposal, an in-depth knowledge of how things work and how to make them move forward, and a finger in many and varied industries. All available to get your product into the hands of the local market.

Main Sectors

Capable of communicating in English, French, and Spanish, with conversant knowledge of Portuguese and most importantly, Arabic, we have hands-on experience in:

  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Mechanical Products
  • Defense Contracts
  • IT
  • Tourism
  • Construction

Exhibition / Commercial Missions

There are costs, and there are investments. The issue is, frequently, to know which is which. Many a time participation in an exhibition, or a commercial mission, or a trip is seen as an investment, but afterward we realize it was just a cost. My experience is that to ensure a return, preparation is key. And that includes:

  • Getting access to the right people
  • Knowing beforehand what they need
  • Knowing what is the right application and market segment
  • Knowing what is the right price
  • Knowing who needs it and why

I work relentlessly
to ensure that
every expense is
an investment.
Not a cost.