Your eyes, ears, and hands in the region.

Temporary Export Management

We understand the difficulties of international communication. Bombarded with emails, day-to-day issues, and a barrage of news, it’s very difficult to keep the potential client’s attention, navigate pressure points and close a deal. Our approach differs in that we are local, we contact the organizations holistically and access the various levels of decision making. Each product is different, and the need of the client can vary internally. We focus on tackling each department’s concern individually to make market access easy and fast.

Your company has the expertise. The history. The product. You already became profitable in your country. You only need to transfer that to a new region. We are here, in the Middle East, living it. We can do that for you. We become your local sales manager. Implementing your policies, those that made your company successful, in the Middle East Market.
The Middle East is a broad region. It comprises many countries, with varied cultures and with diverse infrastructure needs. Our strategy differs in the recognition that, while neighbors, each is a singular market that needs its specific approach. From taxation regimes, to import duties to standards to distribution channel configuration. Therefore, our focus remains within the countries that share the most in their standards, processes, import requirements, distribution channel philosophy, and payment structures. And these are the Gulf Countries Council: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.
We specialize in B2B. But our approach goes deeper than shooting for the sale. We understand that the most valuable is the repeat order, and for that, we need to make sure not only to meet the expectations but to ensure the loyalty of the distributor and the channel. We achieve it by focusing on the sell-out, market support, distributor support, sales team support. All the activities that your company is already doing, locally, to make sure you get the pulse of the market. To make sure that the product responds to market needs. To make sure that the door to competitors remains closed.

Business Development & Representation

Market Analysis, Optimization of logistics and supply chain

  • Price points per product category and analysis of competition
  • Market share assessment by product
  • Optimization of product mix for local distribution

Interface with local service providers, standardization, and documentation

  • Assist distributors in logistics
  • Ensure documents and inspection standards are met
  • Review shipment integrity

Go-To-Market Strategy

The Middle East, and the GCC countries, in particular, have developed a highly vertically integrated distribution channel. Traditional figures such as Importer, Distributor, Retailer, have converged into a single institution that aggregates a product mix they integrate throughout their client base. 

After 15 years of helping companies navigate a variety of sectors and segments, we have mastered the strategies, gotten to know the players, understood regulations and standards, and archived the knowledge to enter this market while avoiding mistakes. With our help, your company can get an immediate overview of the current market situation in your sector. Get up to speed and devise a tested Go-To-Market strategy that is sure to return results in the least amount of time.

  • Define the Unique Selling Point that is consistent with both the product and the local market requirements
  • Enforce sales price structure and distribution margins throughout the channel
  • React to changing market forces
  • Aid in defining local marketing strategy, localized website/sales materials
  • Distributor selection per product line and per market segment
  • Evaluate Exhibition participations by reach, coverage, and market situation
  • Stay abreast of Government policy to take advantages of the changes and opportunities these create
  • Maintain a pipeline of published public and private tenders that contain your product line both as primary, as well as ancillary
  • Keep track of infrastructure developments and contract awards for direct access to new sales stream
  • Definition of ABC product mix as per market requirements
  • Work to capacitate local service providers to handle maintenance, warranty, and spare part stock (if required)
  • Localization of service agreements in accordance with local laws and regulations

Path to local branch

While most start with direct sales to the region, there will come a time when establishing a local branch office may make sense. With our expertise, we can help you decide when is the right time, and what are the associated costs.

Cost/Risk Analysis

  • Current sales/margins vs. Cost
  • Potential sales increase through local team, local stock, local services
  • Definition of local branch format (Free Zone, Mainland Company, Branch)
  • Potential access to smaller and more frequent orders/client base

Local Banking facilities for collections and disbursements

Opening a local bank account can be a game-changer. Allowing the transfer of funds locally grants access to shipment consolidation, smaller clients, atomized project requirements, and a more flexible and varied product mix.

Additionally, it offers the possibility of accessing local payment insurance, different shipment, and logistics formats, as well as payments to local service providers.

We can assist you in getting a local bank account even without establishing a local company.

Real Estate Consultancy

  • expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop property
  • extensive research in order to help guide clients’ decision-making during every step of a project. Rather than focusing on a transaction, I ensure overall investment success for the client