The Pop-Up store

Expo is around the corner. And with it the promise of millions upon millions of international visitors. A look at the forecast and it would seem that the entire Solar System is going to show up for a few days. And while that is not completely true, this momentous event does provide the environment to some very profitable opportunities.

How not to do it

Sure, priority number one would be to sell equipment or goods to the Expo itself, but that’s not feasible at this stage anymore. Another way would be to get the products exhibited within the Expo. But history shows these are institutional events. Showcasing countries, not companies. Another way may be to rent some space inside and try to sell to visitors. But this is not suitable for everything. It’s actually suitable for extremely few products.

Then, what can be done?

Enter the pop-up store. A temporary showroom, in a prominent location, showcasing sector based products, and aimed at the local and international visitor.

The advantages of such an arrangement are plenty. First off, notice we mention sector, not just company. And that is because combining non-competing product lines within a sector, all in one place, makes the visit worthwhile for the international importer on biz-vacation. Because the chance to have one-on-one meetings with company principals without the hullabaloo of the exhibition grounds justifies the two hour break on the vacation tour. And finally, because the cost is actually affordable.

From idea to execution

Ah! The world is full of ideas. And if that was all it took, we would live in a very different planet. We also need to have the will, the means and the expertise to put it all together. We have it. And we do it this way:

  • Temporary showroom that is luxurious, at a good location, with good access and with proper amenities
  • A PR and contact campaign to gather actual, concrete and timed scheduled visits with international distributors, importers and users/contractors
  • Assistance to import and registration of the displayed products
  • Event management for presentation to larger audiences
  • Assistance with meetings, representation and deal closing if necessaryLeave us a message to find out more...

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